Teaching & supervision

Teaching fields

gender history – labor history – economic development – quantification in history – Swedish
economic history – European economic history – industrialization

Bachelor level 

2019 to present.

  • EOSE04 – Economic Growth in Modern Europe, North America and the OECD Club.
    New course developed for Bachelor’s Program in Economy and Society.

2018 to present.

  • SASE10 – Swedish Economic Development. Given twice annually.
  • EKHA22 – Världens ekonomisk historia (The World’s Economic History). Recurring guest lecture
    and data exercise.
  • EKHA23 – Sveriges ekonomiska och sociala historia (Sweden’s Economic and Social History).
                           Recurring guest lecture and data exercise.


  • SASE11 – Economic Change, Labour Market and the Population. Converted to online course.


  • EKHE33 – The Break with the Old Order. Medieval and Early Modern Foundations of Modern
    Economic Growth. Bachelor level. Redesigned course material and structure.

Master level 

From 2015   Supervision of masters’ theses in economic history.