Conferences & seminars

updated April 2017


Economic History Society Annual Conference 2017. London, 31 March – 2 April.


Wageningen RHI economic history seminar series. Wageningen, 13 June.

12th EHES Conference. Tübingen, 1-2 September.


Lund Economic History Seminar Series. Lund, 14 December

Cambridge Economic and Social History Workshop. Cambridge, 28 November

41st Annual SSHA meeting. Chicago, 17-20 November

Wage formation and costs of employment conference. London, 16 September


Oxford Economic and Social History graduate seminar series. Nuffield College, 2 December

10th Sound Economic History Workshop. Lund, 26-27 November

40th Annual SSHA meeting. Baltimore, 12-15 November

Eleventh Swedish Economic History Meeting. Umeå, 8-10 October

Wealth in America since 1600. Odense, 8-10 September

XVII World Economic History Congress. Kyoto, 3-7 August

Beyond GDP: A Long-Term View on Human Wellbeing and Inequality. Groningen, 28 June -3 July

Labor Markets in Economic-Historical Perspective. Gothenburg, 30 September -1 October, 9-10 December

The British Economy in a Global Perspective 1000-2000. Odense, 1-3 September